Gareth Rockliffe

A native of Southport England with over thirty years of experience, Gareth Rockliffe has achieved international recognition for his soulful landscape photography and has exhibited widely throughout the United States and Europe.

Early in his career, the Kodak Company of the United Kingdom bought a number of his limited edition images to promote photography, as a true art form to it’s public, the success of which brought about the World Wildlife Fund’s interest in using his unique images of wildlife on postal stamps.

Gareth’s work has been featured in such publications as Naples Illustrated, Portfolio Magazine, Life in Naples, and Boston’s North Shore Life. A five times recipient of the title of “Honorary Color Master, Gareth received an international color award from the prestigious Photography Masters Cup in 2010 and 2013. In 2013, Gareth won an “Outstanding Achievement Award” from the International Kontinent Awards, and that same year Clyde Butcher presented him with an award at the Annual Rookery Bay Photographic Competition.

A partner with his wife Jan Soderquist, in Naples based Soderquist Photography, Inc., the couple was twice invited to Sir Richard Branson’s private island, Necker, which culminated in a wildlife publication and a highly sophisticated video production. Contracted by Clipper Cruise Line to produce images for advertising and editorial usage, Gareth produced hundreds of stunning images gathered from the remote Kuril Islands in Russia and extending down the coast through Japan to Vietnam.

In 2014 they embarked on a massive project called the Great American Coastline, which they funded through a Kickstarter campaign. They traveled from San Diego, Cal to Cape Flattery Washington state over a four-month period, capturing the majesty and beauty of the Pacific coastline.

Recently Gareth has expanded his creative expression through a collection of short videos he has called “Contemplations” They represent the full spectrum of his creative skills from photography, video editing to the narration of his writings. Gareth says “It is one of my long held desires that as humans, we begin to recognize the things we have in common, and in our acceptance of this, begin to appreciate our connectivity, I hope that through discussion of my series “Contemplations” we can start that process and hopefully move a little closer together”.

“There is a distinctive style that threads its way through Gareth’s work which is a mix of both beauty and emotion and invites the viewer to that exact spot…that suspended magical moment in time.” – Lifestyle Magazine.